Rainbow Youth

The Rainbow Youth united

A fleeting memory of the glorious euphoria of the Rainbow Nation

We have all become old cynics

Bitter old white cynics

Muttering on about mayhem and ill discipline

Self important old black cynics

Pontificating about redressing the wrongs and apartheid legacies .

Born Frees, Hands lifted in supplication to show the peaceful nature of their march for justice.

Bullied, abused and battered by “apartheid” police. Apartheid between those in power and those they govern.

Deja vu

White students stand in front of black students since the old protection of race still lives.

A black boy picks up a fallen white girl as the uniformed bullies approach.

The sour grapes of a failed apartheid.

The sour wine of a failing state.

And yet, the Born Frees stand together

Singing the anthem of our beloved country

in the face of shared danger

And surely those corrupt criminals behind the blinkered windows of parliament

Must have felt a frisson of fear

And surely those despondent bitter old people longing for the old days

Must have felt a frisson of hope.

Rainbow Youth, you made me cry today.

I felt the hope again, that I felt in those long wonderful queues for our first election, before you were born.

We need to stand behind you now

Those imprisoned – high treason the charge?

Surely, surely this leadership must fall

When a cry for affordable education is called Treason

When self protection and self importance

Have forgotten the lessons of 1976.