Happy Birthday Andy

Memories cascade back
As I think of the twenty two years
Of knowing you.
The placid baby, happy to sit in a box
And watch sibling chaos unfold.
Until finally learning to crawl
In pursuit of smarties
Tossed on the kitchen tiles
Just out of reach.

The blue eyed toddler
Watching the other children play.
At Auntie Pat’s and hiding behind
The curtains
In Sunday school.
Shyly rolling pastry at Charlie’s Angels
Before announcing proudly to all.
“I go to Michaelhouse”

Never speaking
Your older interpreters
Telling us what you needed.
Then the shock when
Mrs Bastow told us she had
To sellotape your mouth shut
To stop you chatting so much.

Then the trip home
With just you
When you proudly announced
“I am Patrick; Patrick Star.”
And we began to realise
The humorous and articulate
Little person who lived in our home.
But said very little till on your own.

And that’s the person you are.
Entertaining, articulate
Restless for adventure
Passionately loyal to family and friends.
Wanting wings
Yet trapped,
As we all are to the duty and discipline
Of making a plan to earn our bread.
In this seemingly mundane world
Breathlessly teetering on the edge
Of every new experience
And adventure.

And we wish you the most joyful year
As those adventures come closer.
And you seize the happiness
That has come into your life
And celebrate that everyday
Should be filled with wonder
Because, truth be told, we live in a wonderful world.


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