Clanging the Gong

Clanging the gong

Is anyone there?
God, do you hear me?
Come out. I need you.
Things are troubled here.
We have sickness.
We are afraid.

Is anyone out there?
I am knocking and calling and praying.
I am invoking and visualising.
I am reading random verses
I am reading feel brave poems
I am calling with a loud voice.
I am pleading, whimpering, crying.
Standing on faith.
Forbidding fear.

Is their anybody out there.
I am clanging on the gate to heaven.
The big black gate that stays shut.

Mischievous voices whisper
All is well
It is done
Ask and you will receive.

The clamour of the gong to heaven, unanswered.
As yet.
What new formula shall I try tomorrow?


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